Campaigning and Investing Without A Strategy

Imagine that you have plane tickets, you don't know where to go but hey! you want to fly. One day you arrive at the airport, you get to the plane, and land in an unknown place. There is no tourism attraction or activities that you like. That is what it is like to invest in making a campaign without a strategy.

Doesn't matter if you have all the budget in the world, When it comes to marketing, strategy is everything. A strategy defines the target, content, realistic goals in the short, medium, and long term. It's a common error in emerging brands not to value and develop a clear strategy. Brands think that making posts daily it's enough to make an online presence, but if you don't consider the target, all the content would be forgettable. This not only means a waste of money also means to lose time. On the internet, every minute counts.

Having a social media strategy is not just doing several posts a day, it's a little more than that. A social media strategy must consider:

  • Clear goals
  • Social media brand tone of voice
  • Define target audience
  • Define the tools, channels and tactics to achieve them
  • Keep track of your strategy based on results

It is essential to establish steps or stages to be able to carry out the plan correctly.

Remember that through time strategy won wars, football games and has made brands conquer markets. If you take your business seriously, you should take your social media just as seriously.

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