Pequeños Negocios

At Creativos rd we have started to think about what would happen if small businesses did not exist, the truth is that there would be a lot to lose. They have an important presence in the flow of the world economy, owning 99% of this movement. But it is not only this point, with the change that we have experienced a few months ago, they have achieved a great impact on societies, generate employment and are 65% approx. of world GDP.


This is the reason why a couple of months ago we decided to support this very important sector, give them full support at difficult times like these, provide them with tools that can enhance their capabilities. An example is the boost we gave to local consumer communication, how we contribute to the economic growth of our country.


How do we start this? Leaving small reviews, hashtags online where we connected audiences with this sector, a simple, safe and effective strategy.


The tools are there, you just have to know how to detect them, who has not used Air b & b to give a recommendation? or Google Maps or Waze to know how to get to a specific restaurant, hotel or place.


These platforms today are a clear trigger for purchasing decisions, and are even a great showcase for B2B businesses. As an advertising agency we are part of this, providing solutions to our potential clients, we recommend options such as The Manifest, where we have a user profile and connect with brands thanks to the reviews published by our current clients on its sister site Clutch. All this action has led us to open our borders as an agency, as an expert team in ATL and BTL advertising, digital marketing, Web design and programming, digital services for Social Networks, photo and video production, Email Marketing campaigns, among others.


One of our success stories: We provide Social Media strategy service, updating, optimization and website development to an event management company. In our most recent review published in Clutch, our customer congratulates us on the responsiveness, professionalism and proactivity of our team, we really impressed him. We leave it to you in the words of the Bynexpo Project Manager: “Our collaboration has worked very well, they respond almost immediately to the request of our needs by sending functional, creative and measurable proposals. As an additional advantage that I can highlight is that we have never experienced any delay”.


These words are but the result of our effort. Today we want to take our experience to small businesses, where we are sure that we can generate positive impact for your brands. This is how we empower brands, today we focus on small businesses to move Mexico.